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Realtor  /  Broker

Suzanne  Smith  Associates


Marketing Proposal

Initially, we could arrange to meet with you to see your property, discuss the details of listing and sale, and assess your property's potential market value.

Once we agree to represent you, we could help you make your property ready for sale by recommending necessary repairs and needed upgrades in order to help maximize your profit from the sale. We could offer suggestions to help you best prepare the property.

The most pervasive reach for marketing your property will be through the internet. We are members of the Honolulu Board of Realtors, and would list your property with the Honolulu Multiple Listing Service. This pre-eminent industry website is consulted by most real estate agents. The public would be able to see your property on this website,    and on the following websites:







An email alert can be sent to realtors notifying them that your property is available for sale. Postcards may also be sent to neighbors.   We could also create a webpage for the property.  To see a sample of such a page, click:

Your property would be introduced through "Open House" to both real estate agents on weekdays and to the general public on Sundays. Private showings could be arranged for individual clients. A lockbox could be provided for access (with prior approval) when we are unable to host showings.

We would update you about open houses, showings, offers, negotiations, escrow timelines, contingencies, appraisal, inspections, and other necessary details.









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