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Getting Ready to Sell

When the Seller takes the time to prepare the property for showing to its best advantage, it is more likely to sell more quickly and / or for a higher price.

Preparatory Tasks: You may wish to:

  • Professionally deep clean your home and manicure the yard.
  • Remove excess furniture until the rooms look large and spacious.
  • De-clutter counters, shelves, and all surfaces.
  • Paint the interior, so it looks fresh.
  • Replace worn carpets or flooring; this makes rooms look larger.
  • Repair or replace non functioning items attached to the structure (fixtures, hinges, windows, screens, lights, doors, etc.)


Consider your property's              Curb Appeal

                                                      Front Entry

                                                      Kitchen & Baths


                                                      Window Coverings  


All of these areas are important, and some additional cost can be

justified. However, you might spend more to upgrade than the

increased expense can return in a higher selling price, so be judicious in your spending.                                       


We would be happy to offer suggestions and recommendations, to help

you show your home to best advantage, so it can sell for a higher

possible sales price.






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